Make your websites faster by optimising the images

Make your websites faster by optimising the images

Many people complain about their websites being slow. As now Google gives more importance to websites which load faster in their search result, many people worry about their site speed. I noticed that the main reason behind any slow website is images. Many website has many images and images take a lot of time to load. And most of the images are not optimised for the web. So, it’s important to optimise the images of your website. Read more to know how.

Most of the people upload images to their website as it is. As most of the images are very large, if you upload them to the website, it will take a lot of time for them to load on a browser while the visitor accessing the website. Some people resize them on some tools, but still the images are not optimised enough for the web. So I often advice people to open the image on Photoshop (if you have it on your computer) and save it as for web. But I guess not everyone use Photoshop. But there are many other ways to optimise your images.

There is a service called and you can optimise your images there prior to uploading them on your website. If you use WordPress, then you can use their WordPress plugin. There are many other good WordPress plugins to optimise images on your WordPress website. You may like to use at least one of those available plugins on your WordPress website.

We develop websites using WordPress. If you need any help for your WordPress website, please feel free to contact us. We optimise WordPress websites to be faster and do better on Google search results.

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