Something about our new website

Something about our new website

Couple of weeks before, I thought I should redesign this website. Though I have spend many hours and money on the previous version of the website, I decided it’s time to change. In this change, I focused on the following:

  1. Responsive Design: So that the beautiful layout can adopt smaller screen sizes of tablets and iphones and still look beautiful and remain accessible.
  2. Typography: The fonts need to be large enough, so that it’ll be easy to read and feel good.
  3. White Background: The previous two designs of this website were dark themes, so this time I felt, it should be a light theme.

Keeping these in mind I started looking for a suitable theme. After few hours of research, I decided to use ProMotion Responsive WordPress Theme. After installing the theme, I made changes to the typography. I decided not to use Cufón, because I feel Cufón is not user friendly, while selecting any text. So I disabled Cufón first. There is an option to disable Cufón on the ‘Theme Options’ dashboard in the backend. I decided to use Google Fonts later for typography. Then I increased the size of different texts of the website. I made the normal paragraph texts to 16px. It was easy to change the text size of different styles in the theme, as there is an option to change the text size on ‘Theme Options’ dashboard in the backend.

All the themes looks beautiful on the demo. But when you buy and install the themes, your website does not look like you see on the demo. And to make it as good as it look on the demo, you need to work hard. Most of the themes does not have a good and complete documentation. Some themes give you XML import, but that does not help either. So, I put my effort to understand the theme and how it works. After learning about all these, I modified all existing pages and added new pages and contents.

Now it was the time for fonts. I was thinking to use Google Fonts on the website. To make this easy, I installed WP Google Fonts plugin.

Before I was not so serious SEO. I mean, I build SEO friendly web applications, but I don’t put any effort for SEO. But I wanted to do some SEO for this website. First I thought I should have some good titles on all the pages for the SEO. First I tried to edit the theme. But I did not get the satisfied result. Then I installed a powerful WordPress theme for SEO, called WordPress SEO. It was a little conflict with the theme. I fixed that.

Then I tested the website for performance. I tested the speed of the website at Full Page Test of Pingdom Tools and Google Developers PageSpeed Online. Then I decided to optimize the website and installed W3 Total Cache plugin. It took me few minutes to understand whether it started working or not, whether I have to do something to make it work on not. Finally I found that it’s working and optimized the website. Again, I notice some functionalities are not working on the website. I analyzed the issue and found that why it’s not working. I modified the theme and fixed the issue. Now the website is fully optimized.

Before finding WordPress SEO and W3 Total Cache plugins, I was using some other plugins for different purpose. For example, a plugin to create XML sitemap, which got replaced by WordPress SEO. Another plugin to minify contents, which got replaced by W3 Total Cache. I am using these two plugins, who are the best of their world.

The work on the website is not finished yet. I am looking for things to modify and add new content and features on it.

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