What you should do after updating ‘WordPress Backup to Dropbox’ WordPress Plugin

What you should do after updating ‘WordPress Backup to Dropbox’ WordPress Plugin

Few days ago, I have written a blog post about how to backup your WordPress website to Dropbox. There I suggested to use ‘WordPress Backup to Dropbox‘ WordPress Plugin for backup, because it was simple and good. Recently, they updated their plugin. After installing the plugin, it does not notify you, that you need to reauthorize with Dropbox. So, the backup does not work. And the plugin does not notify you, when something wrong happens with the backup. After few days of I updated this plugin, I noticed that it’s not backing up the website. When I investigated, I found that I need to reauthorize with Dropbox. Also I came know about why I need to update this. So, I am writing this post with some tips on what to do after updating this plugin.

After you reauthorize with Dropbox, it’ll create a directory named ‘wpb2d’ in the ‘App’ directory of your Dropbox. The application will have access to only that ‘wpb2d’ directory. If you are using this plugin to backup multiple websites, then you should store backup in a subfolder of the wpb2d app folder. In this case, click on the checkbox next to “Store backup in a subfolder of the wpb2d app folder” and write the desired name for the subfolder. If you have already used a custom name for this subfolder in the previous version of plugin, then the textbox will be auto populated by the subfolder name. Make sure that this name is same as your previous subfolder name to get some benefits I am going to talk about. If you are only backing up one website, then nothing to worry about this. Save the settings.

Now open your Dropbox folder on your computer. Locate the subfolder which the plugin was using before in the previous version, it must be on the root folder of Dropbox. Now move this folder to inside wpb2d app folder. So that when any file will be downloaded to your Dropbox cloud, the file will be replaced. If the file is an updated one, then it’ll be downloaded to your local Dropbox folder. So it’ll save your bandwidth by not downloading the files already downloaded to your computer. Also, it’ll save the space on your Dropbox account. Anyways, you will save those space, when you delete these previous backed up files. But if you will move these files as per my instruction, then you will have different version of all these files. Which is a great benefit. Now enjoy automated backups as you were doing before.

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  1. It doesnt work with sites above 300-400MB.

    So, I bought a premium WP backup plugin called Hot Backup, and tried the same.
    Alas, it dint work out and the culprit was Dropbox.

    Dropbox doesnt allow more than 300MB files for FREE accounts.

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