Backup and Update your WordPress

Backup and Update your WordPress

It’s very important to keep your websites safe and secure. Make sure that your websites should not get infected by malware. If your website once gets infected, it not only loses visitors, but loses business too. If your website is running on WordPress, it’s always important to update it to the latest version. As WordPress is an Open Source application, the hackers can easily find out security holes in the application. But before the hackers identify the security holes, active developer community of WordPress find them out and fix it. So, it’s difficult for hackers to hack updated WordPress installations. But they can easily target and harm WordPress websites running on outdated versions of WordPress.

So, it’s always important to update your WordPress installation once they release it. Updating WordPress installation is not difficult. Just a couple of clicks and your WordPress installation will be updated in just few seconds. But sometimes things can go wrong. While updating your WordPress installation, you might lose your files and data. Though WordPress community tests their application many times, but it’s not wise to take any risk. I have updated WordPress many times. I have never seen anything going wrong. But still I will suggest you not to take any risk. it’s wise to take a backup of your files and database before you update WordPress and be safe.

How to back up files and database of WordPress website

There are several ways to backup your WordPress site and database. But the easiest way is to use some automated solutions such as plugins. We found some such plugins for automated backup of WordPress site and database.

Among these plugins, we found BackUpWordPress, BackWPup and WordPress Backup to Dropbox are quite popular. We tested ‘WordPress Backup to Dropbox’ and found it’s great. We like the simplicity of downloading backups to your Dropbox. It keeps a copy of your website files and database dump (export) on the could with Dropbox. So you don’t worry about losing it ever. And the best part is only the files modified or added will be updated on Dropbox. So it’ll not download those files again and agin to your computer.

Later we will test other plugins and let you know about how they works.

How to upgrade WordPress website?

And to upgrade WordPress is very easy. You can upgrade WordPress in just few clicks in the WordPress Admin. But sometimes, that does not work. Then you need to manually upgrade WordPress. Also always keep your plugins updated. Even you should keep those deactivated plugins updated.

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  1. Great post… Some of the important things about your WordPress backup is that you store your backups outside your hosting account and that you workout a great backup strategy for automatic backups…

    I’ve described a good mix of daily, weekly and monthly backups with auto-deletion of old backup archives in my WordPress Backup article.

    On the WordPress Security site you can also download a free, comprehensive WordPress Security Checklist, which will help just about everyone improve their security…

    Just my two cents… keep up the great work!

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